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I created this video for work since the gym I work at is 25 years old this Saturday and it already has almost 1.000 views in one day (that’s a lot for Iceland). I filmed it, edited and cut it in 2 days time so it’s not really fancy but it’s rather funny and is turning into a hit for our customers. 

This is from my other account. This was a special project I did for the gym I work in. The people that are dancing are some of our teachers and the owners of the gym. Amazing people to work with and so much fun.

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Back once again

Sorry for being away I got really sick for two weeks so I couldn’t go to the gym at all, tried to eat healthy while I was sick but I often had cravings for something sweet. Then school started and I also had to work but I’m back in the gym working my ass off.

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Bought myself some yogurt covered almonds and nuts it’s so good and I don’t feel as sick and grumpy like after eating other kind of candy.

It’s the verslunarmannahelgi in Iceland the most popular traveling weekend so most places are closed for the weekend and on monday. So is the gym but that is the good think about working in one since I’ve got a key! :D

Didn’t have time today to go to the gym though but it’s okay since I had gone everyday for 5 days before and I’ll probably go tomorrow. I was stupid and told the boyfriend of my boyfriends sister (that was long) that I was going and he goes there as well so he’s begging me to go to. It’s hard to say no but I just really wanted to go by myself and enjoy some alone time. Hopefully he’ll just be to tired tomorrow to go XD

I’m also staying at my parents house since they are out sailing and our dogs needs to be taken care of. So I’m just sitting here watching the highlights from the Olympics today and waiting for the hot tub to finish filling so I can enjoy some cozy time with my boyfriend. 

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